luni, 22 februarie 2010

The child dreams

The world is a prison of desire,
Like the halls of eternity
As a terminal spirit disease
The red in the sky is ours,
We are calling the rain
Little children are fallin down
Leaving blood on ice.
This is the return of the gods,
Under the sign of black mark
One night remains from a bleeding heart
Betray my secrets at the gates of hell,
In the shadow your black wings
This a new world disorder

They are shadows of the night,
Imaginations from the other side
Maybe emotions are dreams of reality...
As tales of creation
Only dark days are for us
From father to sun
In times before the light
Its only total fuckin darkness
Wake up and smell the coffee
There is no need to argue,
Everybody is doing it
The time heals nothing
This is a dream of endless darkness

I am the devil in your eyes
Cause the world gives you only chaos and eternal night,
The sound of my perseverence will be biger
The colour and the shape creates chaotic beauty
As the angeals reach their death,
Discover my soul
Its not so bad as it looks
This is your ultimate experience
Stop your pleasure to kill
You there...Are u gona lie in front of your people?
I'm immortal,i'm the light or the dark?
I'm the truth or the evil?

The warriors of the world,
Are fighting for the world...
Seems like heaven is burning and hell is rizing
Here on earth its no peace left for us...
You can't see the light at the end of the world anymore,
The angels fall first and then humans.
We are back from the dead
Cause people only need blood,fire and death
Thats what is left in their mind...
This dream is shifting into darkness.
The devils are created to kill,
This is my last confession
My last moment on earth,one second it's more than enough.

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